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The art gallery immediately below this paragraph contains a few of my paintings. The second gallery nearer the bottom of this page contains some of my digital artworks. A fuller portfolio of my paintings and digital artworks can be found on Saatchi Art. If you are interested in buying a painting or commissioning an artwork, please do contact me. My CV contains some of my artistic achievements and a list of exhibitions.

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Vietnam series

Sacred cow series

Grizzly bear series

Stained glass series


Other paintings

Digital artworks

I have used digital artworks to promote my own arts festivals, create business for my own company, create artworks, plan paintings and so on…

Raw Arts Festivals

The RAF 2004 and RAF 2005 were two of the biggest and best exhibitions of non-mainstream art mounted in Central London. The RAF 2006 and RAF 2007 were co-organized with the New York Arts Magazine. RAF 2008 was held in L.A. My Raw Arts Festivals website details these more fully.



Between April 1st 2014 and June 30th 2019, I ran my own company/English Language School in Opole in Poland. I had employment contracts with a German University, an IT company, corporations, Private schools, directors, language schools and private students. In July 2019, I moved to Vietnam. I used Art and ICT skills to gain business…


I have used created posters to advertise my website, political cartoons against the madness of Brexit, artworks about Vietnam, plan complex paintings, etc.


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Art Gallery

An Art gallery is a room or building for the display or sale of works of art. An online art gallery is a website that displays artworks. Usually, the online gallery is run as a business, with the purpose of displaying the artwork being to promote it to potential buyers. Other variations include:

  • An online art gallery or market for collectors is also known as an online secondary market.
  • An art gallery displays artwork from their current, future, or past exhibitions, most often to promote the exhibitions, rather than with a view to selling the work via the website.
  • An artist hosting their own gallery, either on their own website or on other websites. This approach is usually adopted with a view to increasing the percentage of the sale price the artist themselves receive.
  • There are a number of online galleries that represent many artists working in different media and genres. The artist either pays a monthly fee or agrees to a commission paid when the work is sold. These are usually non-exclusive and are therefore a risk-free opportunity for the artist to sell their work worldwide. They can be found by using search terms such as “original art” or “online art gallery”.

For more information, please do contact me or read some of my posts

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violet Linhviolet Linh
05:07 16 Apr 22
Very nice paintings