Artworks old and new

My artworks are a cross between Outsider Art and Surrealism. They have been included in exhibitions of Visionary, Intuitive, and Grassroots art, My paintings start with a form of automatic writing – at some point, I will accentuate a shape, line, or color and then develop forms from these elements. I work in an abstract manner. I try not to think too much about the finished result. I take the attitude that if you know what you are going to do in art, don’t do it! As Picasso said, “I do not seek. I find” and “I paint objects as I think them, not as I see them”. To put it another way, literal painting isn’t really discovering really anything new. You know what you are going to do before you start and for me, that isn’t a painting. It is trying to be clever or trying to please others, etc.

I studied at an Art College between 1989 and 1993. I went on to study for a degree at Middlesex University between 1993 and 1996. I gained my Postgraduate certificate in education (post 16) to teach ICT in 2000. I worked primarily as a supply ICT teacher in the home counties. In 2004, I organized the first Raw Arts Festival. The London festivals in 2004 and 2005 are documented more fully on my Raw Arts Festival website. The RAF 2004 and RAF 2005 were two of the biggest and best exhibitions of non-mainstream art mounted in Central London. The RAF 2006 and RAF 2007 were co-organized with the New York Arts Magazine. RAF 2008 was held in L.A. My artistic interests are detailed in my Raw Arts Festival post

In 2007, I gained my first teaching job in Poland. In 2011, I moved permanently out of the UK. I set up my own company/English language school. The majority of my artworks between 2008 and 2021 have been digital artworks. These include Animated GIF files, Icons, Favicons, Youtube videos, Cartoons, Infographics, etc. Many were designed to raise interest in my business and attract new customers. All three of my websites include at least a logo, etc. I have also created some political artworks too. In 2019, I moved to Vietnam.

Over the years I have moved many times. As a result, I have lost most of my early portfolio! The pictures on this post all come from the internet! I have struggled to find a safe place to live and work, etc. I now have that and so, I am now able to start creating artworks again. I now have an artist’s profile on the Saatchi Gallery website. This is where I will post new artworks for sale. I live in the Binh Thanh district of Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam and am happily married to a Vietnamese Army doctor. This webpage will be updated every time I find old artworks.


2004 – Raw Arts Festival at the Candid Arts Trust in Central London
2005 – Raw Arts Festival at the Candid Arts Trust in Central London
2006 – Raw Arts Festival at the Color Elefante Gallery in Valencia, Spain. Co-organized with the NY Arts Magazine
2006 – Villa Caruso, Sorrento, Italy (Co-organised with Franco Meloni). This exhibition featured artworks by Claude Bolduc, Sue Kreitzman, Franco Meloni, Andrew Lewandowski, Piers Midwinter, Liz Parkinson, Ben Reche, Elizabeth Turnbull, Rosy Flood, Stephen Judges, Ben Young, Zoya Taylor, and Karin Van Der Plas.
2007 – Raw Arts Festival at the Carrozzini Von Buhler Gallery in New York. Co-organized with the NY Arts Magazine
Summer 2007 – Solo exhibition at the Studio Art Gallery in Berlin
2008 – Raw Arts Festival at the Infusion Art Gallery in Los Angeles, USA. Co-organized with the Infusion Art Gallery
2008 – Artist in residence and solo exhibition at the Beijing Arts Space in Beijing, China<
2011-2019 – I combined Art and ICT to promote my teaching services. Between 2014 and 2019, I ran my own company. I used Art and ICT to create infographics, Youtube videos, Favicons, contracts, flyers, brochures, car stickers, etc.
2019 onwards – I am exhibiting online due to COVID-19


Outsider Art World

Private collections worldwide

I will put some of my recent paintings onto my Saatchi Art Gallery profile.

Digital artworks

I have used technology to create:

  • Favicons for my websites
  • Logos for the homepages of my websites (Raw Arts Festival designs, etc.)
  • To scan a painting and then use it as a homepage design for a website (Raw Art Link)
  • Create Youtube videos (on my channel)
  • To design the layout of some paintings, e.g. my Sacred Cow series has elements that are rotated, resized, and placed within the cow, etc.
  • Business promotional materials (Infographics, flyers, brochures, etc.)
  • Car stickers
  • Political cartoons, etc.

Recent artworks

Please visit my artist’s profile on Saatchi Art to see more of my recent artworks

Artworks, old and new


My artworks are a cross between Outsider Art and Surrealism. They have been included in exhibitions of Visionary, Intuitive, and Grassroots art, etc.

Author: Piers Midwinter
I am an artist and a teacher. I am currently teaching at a Cambridge International School in Vietnam.