British Media

Does the British Media tell the truth? This post aims to show that it doesn’t and that there appears to be a political agenda aimed at controlling people and their opinions…

British media headlines

  • Wimbledon is the greatest tennis event
  • The five greatest Frankie Dettori winners at Royal Ascot
  • The 10 greatest FA Cup finals in history
  • The Queen is the greatest monarch of all time
  • Ronnie O’Sullivan is the greatest snooker player of all time
  • The Beatles are the greatest band of all time
  • English is the best language in the World
  • Royal College of Art is the World’s Best University for Art & Design and so on…

The problem with believing that we are the greatest is that many Brits think others should listen to us and that we are somehow superior. So, why would the UK need to be in the European Union? We are obviously better on our own and we don’t need foreigners!!!! (sarcasm) – hence, a truly vast number of foreigners were verbally abused or treated badly after the Leave campaign won.

The result was obvious; many decided to leave the UK and make us desperately short of doctors, fruit-pickers, manual labourers, restaurant staff and so on. The problem is that the British media are heavily responsible for the mess that Britain now faces.

When you consider the madness of Brexit and the problems England faces as a result of it, it would make more sense to focus attention on how the UK rejoins the EU. However, it is my belief that the British media and/or Government has no intention of acting in the interests of its readers/citizens.

Instead, they appear to conscientiously pump up the greatness of certain individuals/events with a view to keeping people watching and happy with their lot in life. The audience gets to feel good that Brits are still the best and this feeling has its roots in the days of our expanding empire. Sadly, Britain is not always the best at everything and the world is now catching up and in some cases, has overtaken us.

I suspect the idea has its roots in the days of our expanding empire. The Commonwealth of Nations is a voluntary association of sovereign states. Most of them were British colonies or dependencies of those colonies. Over 60 countries have now left the commonwealth and claimed their independence. The most recent being Barbados. So perhaps it is time to reevaluate our position. Instead of acting like masters, we need to start thinking in terms of friendly and respectful cooperation.

The UK has had a culture of misrepresentation for some time as I have already highlighted. The leave campaign simply tuned into it and the British media happily printed this rubbish…

Take a look at the cropped image – it shows an article published by “The Sun” before the infamous referendum. It highlights another issue – using the Union Jack to encourage readers to vote in one way. This is misleading nationalistic propaganda. Why? Because the Leave campaign was based on lies. Here are a few that have been heavily featured in the British media…

  • we send £350 million a week to the EU – printed on the side of a red double-decker bus
  • It will be ‘The easiest trade deal in human History’
  • No forms, no checks, no barriers…
  • The Union Will Be Stronger If We Leave
  • No Regression On Rights
  • We Will Negotiate A Trade Deal In 11 Months
  • We can reclaim our sovereignty so on…

Sadly, the leave campaign could never answer how coming out of the EU would be beneficial to the UK. Europe is our nearest market. Who else are we going to do business with? Theresa May’s government even published a report stating “Why the Government believes that voting to remain in the European Union is the best decision for the UK.” before the referendum vote in June 2016 and clearly knew that coming out of the EU would be bad for the UK and yet, they still went ahead with it!

That has to be the stupidest decision ever made. A government’s duty is to do what is best for the country! The referendum vote was also an advisory – so it wasn’t even legally binding! It is my opinion that the govt should thus have never acted upon it.

Before the referendum, London was a truly international city with cuisines from all over the world and talented people from all over the world. London had an enduring reputation as an appealing destination for internationally focused Asian businesses to raise capital and build profiles. It was recognised as one of the world’s most international capital markets and home to a truly international diverse pool of investors. It was an inclusive place where everyone felt safe. Brexit is however changing that rapidly for the worse…

The real question is who benefits from Brexit? To protect their wealth from tax authorities, Britain’s tax-avoiding media barons wanted the UK to leave the EU. “Regarding the pro-Brexit mass communication campaigners, most of them are owned by wealthy tax-avoiding billionaires. Rupert Murdoch owns The Sun, Barclay Brothers own The Telegraph, Richard Desmond owns Daily Express, and Lord Rothermere owns Daily Mail.”, a quote from the UKC website

Back in the day, most of the pro-Brexit British media backed Britain joining the EU, but their editorial policy changed drastically. To comprehend the UK’s pro-Brexit press sudden change of heart regarding the EU, one has to review the proposed regulations Brussels intended to enact that might threaten the owners of the Sun, the Telegraph, Daily Mail and Daily Express.

The article “The Brexiters who put their money offshore” published by the Guardian is very revealing. Nigel Farage has even admitted to trying to avoid tax with an offshore fund. So coming out of the EU was mainly aimed at protecting their own wealth and not helping anyone else.

Boris Johnson also benefitted. He has lied and lied endlessly (as detailed by the “Boris Johnson lies” website), just to become the Prime Minister! The fact that everything he has done has made the UK worse seems to be beside the point! Alastair Campbell has openly stated that Boris Johnson is the “worst prime minister we have ever had“.

John Bercow and many others have all said something similar. You really should read “A terrifying list of Boris Johnson quotes that everyone should read” to see what an uncaring monster he is. It is now 2022 and Britain is no closer to resolving any of the issues caused by Brexit.

Sadly, the British media have been so successful at indoctrinating Brits with the lies of the Leave campaign, that the old left-right divide changed completely. Labour’s strong constituencies thus voted to leave and this has resulted in a Labour party unwilling to oppose Brexit in almost any sense. Keir Starmer recently stated he could even somehow make ‘Brexit work’ – but didn’t say how!

Thanks to UKIP and Tories, wealthy tax-evading individuals will continue to enjoy their tax havens free from EU regulations, whilst Britain’s little people will be subjected to either higher taxes or extreme austerity measures. To put it another way, the people who voted for Brexit are most likely to be the ones who suffer its consequences. The Scottish National Party states that the cost of Brexit to every single person in the UK has been at least £1200 pounds and we still don’t know what we got for our money!

If anything, we are literally throwing away money and business just so we can reclaim our Sovereignty! That is clinically nuts. We never lost it! The EU did not in any way impede our culture or values – if anything they complemented them by offering us places to go, foods to try and so on. I am guessing that most Brexitters actually enjoy Pizza, Pasta, Indian and Chinese takeaways.

Popular national newspapers include The Times, Financial Times, The Guardian, and The Daily Telegraph. According to a 2021 report by the Media Reform Coalition, 90% of the British media is owned and controlled by just three companies, Reach plc (formerly Trinity Mirror), News UK and DMG Media.

  • Rupert Murdoch owns News International.
  • Richard Desmond was the owner of the Express
  • Viscount Rothermere is the owner of the Mail
  • The two Barclay Brothers own the Telegraph

These billionaires are the key players, and there is no doubt that the ownership of the mainstream British media in the UK is concentrated in very few hands. Now let us look at the political bias of the British media…

  • Daily Mail & the Mail on Sunday are conservative
  • The Metro is aligned with the conservatives
  • The Sun & the Sun on Sunday are Conservative except in Scotland where they support the SNP
  • The Times & Sunday Times are conservative
  • Express & Sunday Express are UKIP/right-wing conservative
  • Daily Star & Daily Star Sunday have tended to be Labour
  • Telegraph & Sunday Telegraph are conservative
  • London Evening Standard are conservative
  • The Independent are conservative/Lib dem
  • Financial Times are conservative/Lib dem
  • Mirror & Sunday Mirror are Labour
  • Guardian & Observer are Labour
  • Daily Record & Sunday Mail are Labour

As you can clearly see, the British media have a truly massive conservative bias. When Rupert Murdoch was asked why he was so opposed to the European Union, he is reported as saying “That’s easy,” he replied. “When I go into Downing Street they do what I say; when I go to Brussels they take no notice.”

John Major described a meeting in the run-up to the 1997 general election in which Murdoch “made it clear that he disliked my European policies, which he wished me to change. If not, his papers could not and would not support the Conservative government. So far as I recall he made no mention of editorial independence but referred to all his papers as ‘we’.”

Major added: “Both Mr Murdoch and I kept our word. I made no change in policy and Mr Murdoch’s titles did indeed oppose the Conservative party. It came as no surprise to me when soon after our meeting the Sun newspaper announced its support for Labour.”

This is using the British media is push forward his own agenda and often at everyone else’s expense. No British political party has succeeded at an election in the last 30 years without Murdoch’s blessing and the drumbeat of his papers can make life extremely difficult for a government when he withdraws his support, as he did from Labour many years ago. This ability to intervene decisively in general elections gives him immediate access to the prime minister and power to his editors to dictate laws

If you are sick to death of the lies, the corruption, the endless flag-waving, please stop listening to the tabloids/TV/British media and actively look for better quality news. Please also stop listening to Nigel Farage. The UK was simply better off being in the EU and having stronger relationships with countries worldwide.

You too also get to benefit. Your rights will be restored, the barriers will be taken down, no more insanely long queues of lorries, cheaper prices, more business, their single market, customs union, a happy resolution to the Irish border, easy driving abroad and so on.

So, the case for rejoining the EU is as strong as it ever was. I would also argue it is time for the British media and Politicians to be held liable for what they have said and done. The British public deserves better. We need to reform British media so that it is accountable.

I hope you agree and will want to do something about it. For more information, please do contact me. You may also be interested in my article about England’s future. The British media does not appear to be in any great rush to help the UK and so, we need to do something about it; namely:

  • Inform others about the lies published by the British media and what their true purpose is.
  • Stop buying British media publications
  • Stop listening to British media television channels, etc.
  • Create your own British media publications!
  • Encourage others to do the same
  • Try to see things from a foreigner’s perspective – by reading non-British media publications
  • Build up a network of people who are knowledgable and interesting, etc.
  • Openly challenge any British media publications/television stations that publish lies, etc.