Cambridge ICT Teacher

I am a Cambridge ICT Teacher. My job involves the intellectual, moral, physical, social, and aesthetic development of students. My main tasks are:

  • To impart knowledge and skills to bring about the intellectual development of students.
  • To instill moral and social values in students that are essential to the development of good global citizens.
  • To help in the physical development of students in order to facilitate healthy living.
  • Understand and appreciate the school’s philosophy and impart it to students.
  • Reinforce School policies, procedures, and standards and ensure they are applied and observed.
  • Set examples in conduct and decorum.
  • Create an optimum atmosphere for learning and interaction in the classroom and monitor the general progress of students.
  • Adopt a firm and fair approach in guiding and disciplining students.
  • Work in close co-operation and harmony with other members of staff in the interests and needs of students.
  • Develop interest in professional advancement by improving their skills, knowledge, and methodology.
  • Promote school projects.
  • Help maintain school discipline.
  • Abide by the directives of the School and Senior Management regarding national, educational, and other policies.
  • Accept duties assigned by Senior management.
  • Create lesson plans, schemes of work, and other planning documents
  • Manage the Primary ICT department
  • Teach ICT
  • Help students and parents with any enquiries they may have
  • Attend parents evening and other school events
  • Create Primary ICT end of semester tests, invigilate those tests, mark them and then publish the grades
  • Be conversant with all school technological devices (LMS, School Online, Printers, etc.)
  • Run after-school ICT clubs, etc.

My Gent’s Club website is dedicated to helping anyone wanting to become a Cambridge ICT Teacher. It is also designed for students and parents to use and is free. If you need a Cambridge ICT Teacher to help you improve your understanding of programming, and/or Primary ICT, then please do contact me

The Cambridge ICT Starters (8984) syllabus

This syllabus is a series of modules that assess candidates on their ability to use a range of computer software to communicate, handle information, model, and program solutions. It is suitable for candidates of any age and is typically used for learners aged 5 to 14 years. Information and Communications Technology (ICT) is now part of the educational experience worldwide and is regarded as a new ‘literacy’ alongside reading, writing, and numeracy.

Cambridge ICT Starters gives schools a flexible framework to develop learners’ ICT competence. Modules can be delivered according to the needs of each learning situation and age of the learners – across the curriculum or as a separate course of study.

Learners will develop key ICT skills in a range of applications including computer programming, word processing, digital graphics, databases, spreadsheets, email, presentations, video/animation, the internet, and web authoring. They will also consider wider issues such as E-safety and the adaption of their work to suit their audience

The Cambridge ICT starters syllabus is below

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