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Piers Midwinter



Welcome to my online CV. I am a friendly and mature Native Speaker from the UK. I am qualified to teach ICT, ESOL, IB ITGS and the TOEIC etc. I am an entrepreneur, corporate trainer and an ex-Uni lecturer. I am currently working as an ICT Teacher at a Cambridge International School in Ho Chi Minh City.

Curriculum Vitae


PCCE (post 16)

I am qualified to teach Information and Communication Technology


I am qualified to teach the IB topic Information Technology in a Global Society


I am qualified to teach English to Speakers of other Languages


I am qualified to teach the Test of English for International Communication

BA (Hons)

I have a Batchelor Honours degree. I studied ICT, Education and Art


I have a Graduateship of the City and Guilds Institute

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Work experience

Cambridge ICT Teacher

Since August 2019, I have been teaching ICT at a Cambridge International School


Between April 2014 and June 2019, I ran my own company – an English Language School. I organised and delivered languages courses (Business or Cambridge English) for Companies in the Opolskie area of Poland. Whilst I was running my company I gained two Google Certificates: HTML5 and the Digital Garage. I thus gained skills needed for adevrtising and marketing. Google has now rescinded the HTML5 Certificate and Doubleclick advertising. I am no longer running a company and thus do not need to replace either Certificate.

English Teacher

Between October 2011 and June 2019, I taught Business or Cambridge English with a large number of organisations in the Opolskie area of Poland

ICT Teacher

Between September 2000 and June 2011, I taught Information Communication Technology in the secondary sector in both English and Polish schools/International Schools etc.

Summer work

I have been employed on many summer camps over the years including one working as an Academies teacher (Teaching English and ICT) with Bede’s International Summer School

University Lecturer

Between October 2014 and January 2019, I was employed by the Technical University of Dresden to teach Business English to Masters students (one day per week) at IHI Zittau in Germany.

Corporate Trainer - Piers Midwinter
Native Speaker - Piers Midwinter
Pure Class
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Important documents

Vietnam Apostilles

I have four Vietnam Apostilles for my PGCE (post 16), University degree, CELTA and British CRB

Vietnam suitability

I have a Work permit, Temporary Residence Card, a bank account in Ho Chi Minh and a Vietnamese phone number

History – A more detailed curriculum vitae

I was born on on July 24th 1968 in Stamford, Connecticut, USA to British parents. My father was a Professor & Vice Provost at UCL. My mother was a nurse. In am the youngest of four. I have one brother and two sisters. In 1971, my family moved to England. I was brought up in Suffolk. I am a dual National with two passports (UK and USA). As a young boy, I was educated at St John’s, Ipswich School (between 1979 and 1985) to do my O’levels and Woodbridge School (1985 to 1987) for my A’levels. After school, I went to the USA and got a job in Acadia National Park in Maine. I did a Greyhound bus tour of east USA and Canada, I visited New York, Boston, Toronto, Quebec, Montreal, Washington DC and my birthplace etc.

Higher Education

From September 1989, I enrolled at Art College; studying a Fine Art Foundation in Fine Art and a Painting diploma. I won a college prize and was interested in working with non-mainstream people to create art projects.  So in 1993, I began my studies at Middlesex University. I studied ICT, Education and Community Art. I developed my interest and worked with non-mainstream people to create art projects. I worked with a Charity in Wood Green, fundraised, worked as an art teacher and organised exhibitions of Art. I won the official University prize for “Excellence in the local community”. I graduated with an Honours degree in 1996. After finishing my degree, I worked in the retail sector until 1999, when I enrolled at the Institute of Education to become an ICT teacher. I gained my PGCE (post 16) in 2000

Employment and developing interests

In September 2000, I began to teach ICT. In 2004, I used my ICT and Artistic skills to organise one of London’s largest exhibitions of non-mainstream art at the “Raw Arts Festival”. It was held at the Candid Arts Trust in Angel, just north of King’s Cross in Central London. As a result of this, I was contacted by the New York Arts Magazine. We began a fruitful relationship which resulted in more festivals held: London in 2005, Valencia in 2006 and New York in 2007. The last festival was held in 2008.


Between April 2007 and July 2008 and then, also between October 2011 and July 2011, I lived and worked in Poland. I gained my first job in Poland in April 2007. I worked as an ICT Teacher at an International School in Warsaw. I gained an IB ITGS in Athens that summer. I followed this with employment as an ICT at an International School in Krakow. I bought a flat and got myself a CELTA.

Due to complications with the mortgage, I moved back to the UK temporarily in 2009 and in the summer of 2011, I met a Polish woman and then we both moved to Opole in Poland. I switched to teaching ESOL and taught Business and Cambridge English. I gained employment through the Technical University of Dresden to teach at IHI Zittau to teach Business English to Masters students. I was driving there, staying the night, teaching and then coming back once a week for three and a half years! After having worked in Opole and the ESL sector for sometime, I used my ICT skills to set up a company and English Language School in April 2014. I had many clients through my company including Corporations, ICT companies, Language Schools and Directors etc. In 2007, I bought my second flat and decorated it in an English style. This was my companies headquarters.

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Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam

Recently, in February 2019, I applied for a job teaching ICT in Vietnam and after an interview online, I received the job offer. I decided to sell my flat in Krakow, sell my car, close down my company and get ready for my move. On July 15th 2019, I arrived in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. I am now working as a Cambridge ICT Teacher at a Cambridge International School. I am engaged to a Vietnamese military doctor and own a Honda CRF250 Rally!

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