Gradient landscapes

Gradient landscapes can be created in Adobe Photoshop or online with Photopea. The gradient tool in either program creates a continuous, even blend between two different colors, two different tones, or even between a color/tone and a transparent point. It is important to choose all the options you want in the Gradient tools menu before you apply them. The undo function (Control Z) is exceptionally useful. means you can make mistakes and easily go back to where you started. You can choose Linear, radial, angle, reflected, or diamond to create interesting gradient landscapes.

Overlaying any of these gradients on Photoshop images can add depth and interest to your gradient landscapes. Adding colors subtly or as bold as you like can be made to look more natural when you apply the gradient tool in imaginative ways. In order to create gradient landscapes, the easiest and quickest way is to Google search for “Line drawing landscape” like the one shown below. It is important to find an image that is composed of sealed areas that can be filled easily. Using the magic wand tool select an area such as the lake and then use the gradient tool. Make sure you have two different shades of blue and then create the gradient you want and in the direction you want. A line drawing was used to create the featured image above. The gradients don’t take long to create. Gradient landscapes are a fun way to teach Primary School students the gradient tool. For more information and/or lessons in Ho Chi Minh or online, please do contact me

You can also add more gradients to photoshop. The creative market website, for example, has a whole section dedicated to Photoshop gradients. So if you want to create a specific look, e.g. watercolour, you can find watercolour gradients. This will extend your creativity when creating gradient landscapes.

Author: Piers Midwinter
I am an artist and a teacher. I am currently teaching at a Cambridge International School in Vietnam.