Hoffmann Foundation for Autism Hub and Art Centre

Between September 1993 and July 1996, I was a graduate studying at Middlesex University. I studied Community Art as one of my disciplines and chose to work with the Hoffmann Foundation. They had an art centre in Wood Green. The art and craft department provided service users with project-based skill development as a strategy to manage the effects of autism. The programmes of learning included fine art and woodwork, and fashion design. The Hub day services provided individual learning programmes to suit each student’s learning needs.

I worked as an art teacher, fundraiser, and exhibition organizer. I used my technical skills to raise funding for both an exhibition of art and a direct money source for the Foundation. Along with another University colleague, we co-organized a few exhibitions of the adult’s artworks, sold over a thousand pounds worth of art, and raised a lot of interest for the Foundation, etc. As a result of our efforts, Middlesex University awarded us the “Ede and Ravenscroft Prize” for “excellence in the local community”

These exhibitions of art were seminal in many ways – I realized that there was a growing interest in non-mainstream art and later went on to direct the Raw Arts Festivals. Artworks by the adults were represented at both the 2004 and 2005 Raw Arts Festivals held at the Candid Arts Trust in Central London.

Hoffmann Foundation for Autism made the decision to merge with Walsingham Support in support of their values to be responsive to the needs of the individual and to have autism at the heart of all they do. Their values align with our own values including putting people at the heart of everything we do while delivering similar services. Both organizations agreed that merging together would be beneficial to both parties. They were keen to continue the good work that Hoffmann Foundation for Autism had been doing since 1953 and build on and develop their expertise and knowledge around autism. For more information, please visit the Walsingham Support website

Author: Piers Midwinter
I am an artist, teacher, and entrepreneur. I am earning good money vis cryptocurrency and intend to set up a company in Ho Chi Minh