Some schools teach ICT as a discrete subject. The IB PYP strongly emphasizes that technology should be used as a tool for learning by all teachers and students. IB PYP acknowledges the transformative potential of technology when it is used purposefully and meaningfully as a tool to facilitate learning.

Educational institutions worldwide recognize the role of ICT In the IB PYP. Teaching and learning are becoming increasingly influenced and improved by information and communication technologies. Staff should thus be trained to learn how to use any technologies provided for them by the school and that the use of the available technologies be integrated into student inquiries. Many students will bring previous experience and knowledge that can be drawn upon to enhance the learning of others, including that of the teacher. In fact, it is in this area that an IB PYP classroom most often resembles a community of learners.

ICT provides opportunities for the enhancement of learning. It can also support students in their inquiries and develop their conceptual understanding. So it is best considered as a tool for learning. Technical skills should be developed and learned in order to support the needs of individual learners. School computers in the IB PYP syllabus can thus:

  • document the learning, making it available to all parties
  • facilitate rapid feedback and reflection
  • enhance authentic learning
  • give access to a broad range of sources of information
  • provide students with a range of tools to store, organize, and present their learning
  • encourage and allow communication with a wide-ranging audience.

IB PYP and the impact of ICT

If we want our students to have a greater understanding of cultures, people, and issues around the world, we should simply give the students access to them. The development of international-mindedness is the most important aim of the IB programs; by achieving all of the other aims, we hope to achieve this ‘umbrella’ aim. Technology has made it easier than ever to develop international-mindedness because the rest of the world is no longer inaccessible. This is why Technology is an integral part of the IB PYP program.

An IB PYP school community should collaboratively identify and agree on the need for, and aims of, the use of ICT. Computer tools should be used critically, with integrity, and there should be specific attention given to the validity and reliability of information gained through their use. Earth has shrunk significantly in terms of awareness and communication, etc. Technology allows us to effortlessly connect with others around the world.

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Author: Piers Midwinter
Piers Midwinter is a Qualified Teacher, Native English Speaker, ex-Company director, and ex-University lecturer. He lives and works in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam
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