Privacy Policy

Please read this privacy policy carefully. By accessing this website and sending me any personal data, you accept the terms of this privacy policy. Please note that by leaving this website, the user goes to an area where this policy does not apply. I reserve the right to make changes to this Policy.

The law
On 25 May 2018, the EU regulation on the protection of personal data will become applicable – Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council (EU) 2016/679 of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data data and repealing Directive 95/46 / EC (referred to as “GDPR”).

Privacy information

  • The data controller is [Piers Midwinter]. Data protection is carried out in accordance with the requirements of the generally applicable law, and their storage takes place on secured servers. Contact with the website administrator is possible via the contact form
  • Personal data is processed: a. in accordance with the provisions on the protection of personal data, b. in accordance with the implemented Privacy Policy, c. to the extent and for the purpose necessary to establish, shape the contents of the Agreement, change or to resolve it and to properly implement the Services provided electronically, d. to the extent and purpose necessary to fulfill legitimate interests (legitimate purposes), and the processing does not violate the rights and freedoms of the data subject: to the extent and purpose consistent with the consent expressed by you if [for example] you subscribed to the newsletter.
  • Every data subject has the right to access data, rectify, delete or limit processing, the right of opposition, the right to file a complaint to Piers Midwinter
  • Contact with the person supervising the processing of personal data in the organisation of the Service Provider is possible by electronic means via the contact form
  • I have the right to process your data after the termination of the Agreement or withdrawal of consent only to the extent of the need to seek possible claims before the court or if national or EU regulations or international law oblige us to retain data.
  • The Service Provider has the right to share personal data of the User and other his data with entities authorised under the applicable law (eg law enforcement authorities).
  • The removal of personal data may occur as a result of the withdrawal of consent or filing a legally admissible objection to the processing of personal data.
  • Personal data is processed only by persons authorized or processed by us, with whom we work closely
  • I direct and update both of my websites. I have created all the content (Youtube video’s, Graphics, HTML 5 adverts, text, and hyperlinks, etc.).
  • I am the GDPR Data Protection Officer
  • This policy is reviewed regularly.
  • I am committed to safeguarding the privacy of all my website users and anyone contacting me

I ensure the security of personal data through appropriate technical and organizational measures to prevent unlawful data processing and their accidental loss, destruction, and damage. I take special care that personal information is processed in accordance with the principles of personal data processing specified in art. 5 GDPR, i.e .:

  • Principle 1 – legally, reliably and transparently,
  • Principle 2 – collected for specific and legitimate purposes and not further processed
  • Principle 3 – adequate, relevant and limited to what is necessary for the purposes for which it is processed;
  • Principle 4 – correct and updated as necessary;
  • Principle 5 – stored in a form that permits the identification of the data subject for no longer than is necessary for the purposes for which the data are processed;
  • Principle 6 – processed in a manner that ensures adequate security of personal data;
  • Principle 7 – in a manner that ensures the implementation of the rights of data subjects;
  • Principle 8 – not transferred without adequate protection to countries outside the European Economic Area or international organizations.

GDPR requires security of storage as well as transmission of personal data.

  • I respect the right to privacy and I care about data security. For this purpose, among others, secure communication encryption protocol (SSL) is used.

Server logs

  • The use of the Site involves the transmission of queries to the server on which the Site is stored.
  • Each query addressed to the server is saved in the server logs.

Protection from hackers

  • This website uses WordPress. The login page has thus been moved and can NOT be found at: /wp-login.php
  • Logging in requires two-factor authorization. 
  • Users have a limited number of attempts to log in and the IP address of any user attempting to log-in is logged. My IP address is the only one whitelisted. Anyone attempting to hack this website is thus permanently blocked.


  • I have created all the videos that are on my Youtube channel etc.


  • I do NOT accept friendship requests from children under the age of 16 UNLESS they have parental consent
privacy policy


  • Privacy Policy is a document whose content must comply with the provisions of the GDPR
  • The acronym “GDPR” refers to General Data Protection Regulation
  • The words “I”, “me”, “my” and “myself” refer to Piers Midwinter
  • The phrase “Public profiles” can refer to a short description of me and/or my company in a short article on an external website such as Facebook etc.
  • My website is
  • For the purposes of better acceptance of the Privacy Policy, the term “User” has been replaced with the terms “You”, “Administrator” – “We”.
  • The term “GDPR” means Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council (EU) 2016/679 of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and the repeal of Directive 95/46 / EC

Cookies Q&A

This section summarises the main GDPR key questions and answers in terms of Cookie data…

What information is being collected by the Cookies?

  • Please visit the Cookie Checker website for this information

Who is collecting it?

  • Please visit the Cookie Checker website for this information

How is it collected?

  • Please visit the Cookie Checker website for this information

Why is it being collected?

  • Please visit the Cookie Checker website for this information

How will it be used?

  • Please visit the Cookie Checker website for this information

Who will it be shared with?

  • Please visit the Cookie Checker website for this information

What will be the effect of this on the individuals concerned?

  • Users can also change their cookie settings in the browser they are using. Information on how this can be done can found here: All about Cookies
  • This website uses the Google “Site Kit” plugin and can thus track a range of events.
  • This website’s use of Cookies has been identified and verified independently by Cookie Checker

Is the intended use likely to cause individuals to object or complain?

As a result of the above-mentioned points, users can change their cookie settings, switch them off in a browser or accept this website’s use of them. They can CONTROL the use of their personal data. They thus have no reason to object or complain.


Personal data

  • The user can use my contact form to transfer his personal data to me
  • Providing personal data is always voluntary. You do not have to provide it. It is your choice.
  • The administrator (Piers Midwinter) guarantees the confidentiality of all personal data provided to him.
  • Personal data is collected with due diligence and properly protected against access by unauthorised persons.
  • The user has the right to request access to, rectify, delete or limit processing; the right to object to the processing; the right to transfer data; the right to withdraw consent to the processing of personal data for a particular purpose, if the User previously gave such consent; the right to file a complaint with the data administrator

How long data is kept

  • I am a teacher. So I have a very direct relationship with my clients
  • If a student decides to stop learning completely, then I have no need for their personal data and delete it
  • Sometimes students take a break from learning (e.g. during the summer holidays etc.) and then want to come back.
  • If a student requests personal data to be deleted, I do so immediately.
  • Data can be kept for up to four months (To cover me during the summer holiday).

Risk Analysis

This section details the risk of potential data-leaks

  • This website is extremely secure
  • The risk of a breach of data is thus extremely low
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