Quality Management

Quality management is the act of overseeing different activities and tasks within an organization to ensure that products and services offered, as well as the means used to provide them, are consistent. It helps to achieve and maintain a desired level of quality within the organization.

Quality management includes everything we do to make sure we produce and deliver our company’s products and services to specification and at the appropriate cost. Quality management also includes making sure goods arrive on time. It ensures that a company’s goods or services are consistent.

Quality management consists of four key components, which include the following:

  • Quality Planning – The process of identifying the quality standards relevant to the project and deciding how to meet them.
  • Quality Improvement – The purposeful change of a process to improve the confidence or reliability of the outcome.
  • Quality Control – The continuing effort to uphold a process’s integrity and reliability in achieving an outcome.
  • Quality Assurance – The systematic or planned actions necessary to offer sufficient reliability so that particular service or product will meet the specified requirements.It involves compliance with Vietnamese laws, regulations, and standards

Differences between school and industry

  1. The school is not a factory.
  2. The students are not the product.
  3. Their education is the product.
  4. Students need to be “co-managers” of their own education.
  5. There are no opportunities for recalls.
  6. The customers for the product are several
    • The students themselves.
    • Their parents
    • Their future employers.
    • Society at large

Quality management in schools

Quality management is a different way to organize the efforts of people. The objective is to harmonize their efforts in such a way that not only do people approach their assigned tasks with enthusiasm, but they also participate in the improvement of how the work gets done. Quality management introduces a significant change in the relationship between those who manage and those who actually do the work.

Theo video on the left examines what is quality and how it changes over time, etc. The video on the right examines total quality management in education

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Author: Piers Midwinter
Piers Midwinter is a Qualified Teacher, Native English Speaker, ex-Company director, and ex-University lecturer. He lives and works in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam
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