A storyboard is a graphic organizer that consists of illustrations or images displayed in sequence for the purpose of pre-visualizing a motion picture, animation, motion graphic, or interactive media sequence. A storyboard is a visual representation of a film sequence and breaks down the action into individual panels. It is a series of ordered drawings, with camera direction, dialogue, or other pertinent details. It sketches out how a video will unfold, shot by shot.

What is in a Storyboard?

  • Drawings, sketches, reference images, or photographs to represent each frame.
  • A description of the shot — any relevant information on the action, dialogue, or composition.
  • Shot specs — shot size, lens length, two-shot, etc.
  • Arrows to indicate camera and/or character movement or how each shot connects to the next.

How to create a Storyboard?

There are websites such as Storyboard that, Make Storyboards, and Canva, etc. However, I prefer to use Powerpoint and there are a number of reasons for this, as follows:

  • Powerpoint is usually installed on every School network. The students would not need to pay to use it.
  • Powerpoint is fun and easy to use. Kids love it
  • Once you have an account on Slideshare, Powerpoint slideshows can be uploaded for everyone to see on the internet. Slideshows can also be embedded into websites. If you are using WordPress like I am, install the Yoast Slideshare plugin and copy the URL of your slideshow and it will automatically create the Iframe Html coding to put the slideshow onto your post or page, etc.
  • PowerPoint (2010 or later versions) includes a “Storyboarding” feature that seeks to facilitate the design process of a mock-up, whether it is for a new web app, website, or mobile app. However, this feature is not pre-installed with PowerPoint and requires a Visual Studio 2013 or later version to be downloaded. When this compulsory step is completed, a new “Storyboarding” tab appears on the PowerPoint ribbon with all the available tools included. Powerpoint slideshows can be exported as videos using timings, transitions, and animations, etc.
  • If you are using a Mac, you can easily download a storyboard template from Studiobinder, etc. A Powerpoint storyboarding template is a graphic layout that sequences illustrations and images with the purpose of visually telling a story that is ideal for Microsoft PowerPoint presentations.
  • You can add “speaker notes” to every slide and if you print, you can choose to print them.
  • Once you have the Storyboarding feature installed, you will have a new storyboarding tab which makes the whole process significantly easier. On the Storyboarding ribbon, there is a “Storyboard Shapes” icon which, when clicked, displays a wide variety of shapes that can be used to create your mock-up. You can easily modify shapes. There is a “Hyperlink” option on the ribbon that can give your storyboard interactivity. When your storyboarding shapes are created, you can save them as new shapes and therefore, reuse them as many times as you want.
  • You can also collaborate with other people via Google Slides, etc.
  • As Albert Einstein once said, “If I can’t picture it, I can’t understand it.”

Issues for schools

  • You will need administrator access to install the Visual Studio software and/or the template
  • Slideshare is a public website. There are obvious privacy issues to overcome. You would therefore need permission from their parents and the school to do this project.
  • The Storyboarding software only works on PC’s
  • For more information, please contact me

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